Style Magazine – Say Yes to Custom Design (Aug 2017)

Say Yes to Custom Design~

ARTISANS GEMS AND JEWELS is singularly dedicated to creating an all-encompassing experience for their clients, from beginning to end. From the initial consultation, Tammy and her team prioritize in designing unique, hand-crafted jewellery within a friendly and relaxed environment. Their designs are creative and bold, often infused with colour and always expertly crafted.

Award-winning jeweller and designer Tammy Keers captures her designs of both femininity and old-world glamour, while still keeping true to the present and always adding her signature aesthetic.

With five talented on-site jewellers with more than 100 years of collective experience, and a network of Australian diamond and gemstone suppliers, the team at Artisans Gems and Jewels are always excited to create something new. The jewellers at Artisans Gems and Jewels all practice traditional Goldsmithing techniques, making everything carefully by hand. The result is a superior piece that has strength and integrity, ensuring that each piece becomes a timeless family heirloom.

“I wanted to create a jewellery design and manufacturing studio where everything was done in-house, and where we could offer our clients a fun experience. I wanted them to be involved in the design process and to be confident that we would create exactly what they had envisaged.”

Always ready for a challenge, no job is too large or too small for Tammy and her team to create exquisite, high quality jewellery. By prioritizing the client experience, Artisans Gems and Jewels is able to create exquisite pieces that always exceed the imaginations of the client.

Words by: Hazel Oxborough & Siobhon Taylor

We were featured on Fashion Weekly

We were featured on Fashion Weekly!~

We recently had a consultation with a client and when asked about how she found out about us, she mentioned that we were featured in an online artcle as one of Brisbane’s best independent jewellery designers on the Fashion Weekly website. We had not asked, nor knew that this article had been written, but we were ecstatic! Thank you to the team at Fashion Weekly!

Antique jewellery remodelling to last a lifetime

Antique Jewellery Remodelling to last a lifetime~

We have over 100 years’ experience at Artisans Gems and Jewels and over the years have remodelled many antique jewellery pieces. The metal in jewellery passed down from generation to generation can be gradually worn down from general wear and tear over time. From this, we have seen clients come in with broken jewellery or loose gems that have fallen out of their settings.

Thankfully at Artisans Gems and Jewels, we are able to breathe new life into these pieces by handcrafting and reinforcing the design so that you can cherish these pieces for many more years to come. We can easily keep with the era style of your piece or put a modern twist to it – skies the limit!

Our team of talented jewellery craftsman love hearing the story behind your family’s treasures and being a part of the whole process. Come in store to book your complimentary jewellery design consultation and find out more about our passion for remodeling.

Micah Projects – Domestic Violence Luncheon – May 2017

Micah Projects – Domestic Violence Luncheon – May 2017~

Domestic violence is a cause that is very close to our hearts and together with The Paddington Connection, we hosted a Domestic Violence Fundraising Luncheon to help raise funds, build awareness, educate our community and support Women and Children who are currently experiencing, or who have experienced domestic violence. Last year we raised over $11,000 and this year raised the bar higher and raised $14,000. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of our sponsors who donated to this wonderful event.

Staff Profile: Olivia

Staff Profile: Olivia~


Olivia’s journey with Artisan’s began when she helped photograph our jewellery for the Brisbane News Magazine. Her favourite gemstones are Diamonds, Sapphires and Morganites. She is our leading lady for behind the scenes and outside of Artisans, Olivia is a freelance commercial photographer.